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CB6000 Chastity Device as featured on Cucumber

By Master John
Updated on Jun 10, 2022

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CB6000 chastity from Cucumber C4

CB6000 male chastity device from Cucumber on C4

Here it is – this is the male chastity belt device which Dean flashed to Henry in Channel 4’s Cucumber and Banana shows last night. The CB6000 is the most sparkly, newest and perhaps most restrictive lockable cock snuggler  from the famous CB line of erection preventing plastics.

It features three high grade polycarbonate sections which interlock easily making fitting simple. Once in place although feeling free flowing and comfortable, any hint of tumescence, any slight upward jerk of the banana, any wafer thin trigger of horniness will compact your sub’s sausage into a hot dog of sheer frustration, jaw-clamp tightness and vice-like Victorian tragedy.

There are some nice touches which make this CBT cock cage the best one out there. Practical considerations have been met – your slave can piss without issues and in a straight line. Your slave can keep his cock clean and dry due to the ergonomic air vents, and it’s quite possible to retract a foreskin for cleanliness, or just because you’re a dominating bastard. The piss-hole is also wide enough to forcibly introduce straight urethral sounds such as rosebuds or dittles, if you are so minded. Sometimes, if your man is particularly big and turned on, the glans begins to extrude from the wee-wee hole, which is marvelous if you happen to have a slightly abrasive Hitachi wand

Of course the main reason to wear one of these toys is to walk around with a key chain and release the padlock on your sub’s treasures after a couple of weeks. Watch him cum like a train, or whatever Russell T Davies wrote.

The CB6000, and accessories, can be purchased from Uberkinky.co.uk, by clicking here in the UK, or here for USA and worldwide customers.

Here’s a slightly geeky video …



Reviewer: Master John

I love kink. I particularly enjoy large anal plugs, expanding inflatables, deep insertions and prostate massages. I've recently branched out into estim for prostate massage and exotic programmable fucking machines. There's nothing like trying it all out on an unsuspecting sub first, male, female or transgender...

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