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The Decimator Estim. The biggest butt plug in the world and it's electro! Works great with an erostek 312

The Decimator – the largest electro BDSM butt plug in the world

The biggest, and quite possibly the best, e-stim electro butt plug in the world. This is a monster. It’s huge. It’s a butt plug befitting followers of de Sade. It will make your slave’s eyes water at seeing it. It will make your slave shudder at holding it – it’s 10cm in diameter, 3.6Kg in […]

The Erostek 312b . The erostek et 312 is the best estim electro power box there is. Ideal for pes electro, estim systems and folsom toys and electrodes . Will always give you a hands free orgasm (hfo)

The Erostek ET312B – the ultimate electrosex power box for hands free orgasms

Simply the best estim electrosex power box. It will blow your mind, but not your fuses Close your eyes. Lean back. Engage your imagination. Picture a time, when you can plug in a gadget, and your cock, vagina, clitoris, glans, anus, testicles, or any other erotic locality can be stimulated, stroked, pulsated, tempted and tempted. […]