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The Twisted Penis Chastity Device

By Mistress Desdemona
Updated on Sep 20, 2023

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The Twisted Penis BDSM chastity device

Twisted Penis. A simple yet stunning addition to your BDSM kit.

The twisted penis is torture to look at. And if your submissive male gets the merest hint of a hard-on, this is torture in reality. This item is beautifully simple, yet stunningly effective. If your man is a big boy it’s bad enough, but if his little person is a ‘grower’ he’ll be a groaning.

The penis will be folded on itself, unable to extend

With this shiny piece of metal chastity properly fitted, the penis will be folded on itself, unable to extend, unable to penetrate, unable to do anything really except lay there with the engorged and frustrated glans hugely exposed.

He’ll be perfectly vulnerable

He’ll be perfectly vulnerable to light whipping with a velvet cane, an electro Wartenburg wheel, urethral tickling with a sound or just the palm of your hand twisting and crushing it in a random and revolving motion. Enjoy – because he won’t!

Your slavery subject will have to be totally soft and compliant

The big ring is 1.25 inches and the second ring 1 inch in diameter, so your slavery subject will have to be totally soft and compliant when being fitted.

Available from Extreme Restraints BDSM here.

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Reviewer: Mistress Desdemona

I am Mistress Desdemona. I am the Dominatrix. You will bow down to me and lick my shiny, shiny boots while I fit my strap-on. Your every orifice is my dominion and your safe-word is futile. I shall begin...

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