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Latest BDSM, fetish, S&M & sex toy reviews

  • Scrotal ring, cock ring, glans ring, shaft ring with spikes for chastity.

    Kali’s Teeth Chastity Device

    Kali’s Teeth CBT ring by Oxy-Shop This first thing you notice about this high quality steel Kali’s Teeth CBT toy is the weight. It feels good in your hand, and if it feels good in your hand you just know it’s going to hang well on some poor sub’s cock, or balls, or maybe cock […]

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  • brexit war cabinet

    Brexit Top 10 Sex Toys

    Top 10 sex toys for Brexit. Here’s our list of top ten sex toys for the upcoming Brexit. From harnesses and macho gear for topping Brexiteers to pig boy slut butt plugs and restraints for submissive remainers, we have it all.

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  • Urethral penis plug and urethral sound dilator with claws

    Claws Urethral Sound Plug

    The Claws urethral plug – a well constructed and high-quality urethral sound for BDSM cock stuffing and bondage scenarios. Ideal for estim and electro play.

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  • Mr Hankey Big Daddy

    The Centaur and Big Daddy Dildos by Mister Hankey

    Mister Hankey’s Centaur and Big Daddy dildos A throbbing expectation hit the front end of July as we awaited the latest batch of Mister Hankey dildos. And the waiting was almost the hardest part. Firstly, the USPS tracking page flashed up strange and mysterious messages. Delays. Interventions. Inspections. Nearly a month later the package arrived, […]

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  • Digital Economy Bill 2017

    BDSM, kink, fetish and LGBT sites in the UK after the Digital Economy Act 2017, part 3

    Sorry UK, but in 2018, due to the Digital Economy Act 2017, will be out of the UK, due to draconian laws and the ruling right wing government.

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  • Estim on a cock and anus. Electro ejaculation

    Estim & electrostim sound files

    Our collection of mp3 estim electrosex session sound files for stereostim powerboxes. A cyber sexual symphony of orgasms for electroejaculation & BDSM scenarios. Enjoy your session!

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  • Anaconda by Mister Hankey - the perfect dildo

    The Anaconda Dildo

    The Anaconda dildo is the latest model from the high-end Mister Hankey range of toys. I’d love to take a suitcase of these on a plane, just so I could pretend to be Samuel L Jackson if anyone questioned the contents of my baggage. But this dildo – this Anaconda – is not a snake, […]

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  • Mens Pleasure Park Heathrow. Gay sauna complex in Surrey

    Men’s Pleasure Park Gay Sauna, Heathrow

    Once in a while we see a really good idea. Often it’s an ingenious butt plug, or a new angle on vibration – perhaps an original method of restraint or a previously unforeseen strategy to achieve the perfect orgasm. But this idea is startling in its simplicity. It’s a gay sauna event, in a quiet […]

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  • Mr Hankey Lampwick dildo. Ideal for fucking machines.

    Mr Hankey’s Toys

    Mr. Hankey’s Lampwick and El Rey dildo toys Mr. Hankey’s Toys is a dildo firm which specializes in highly detailed phalluses for the more ambitious openings. It belongs in The Louvre. Calling one of these a dildo is probably a disservice. A sculptured love-tool, a signature object d’art or a statement of sex might be […]

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  • Hegar urethral sound for perverted BDSM slave play

    Sounds and dilators – our guide to urethral play

    The Kinky Kink guide to urethral sounds and catheters Urethral sounds were designed by doctors in the 18th and 19th centuries to unblock piss holes. Such doctors cared little for patient discomfort hence some of the downright scary designs . In present times sounds are rarely used for medical reasons – antibiotics have largely replaced […]

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  • Gay fetish clubs, bars and saunas in the UK

    The kinkiest gay fetish locations, clubs and saunas in the UK

    Slave owner Roger, from the deepest darkest dungeon corner of the West Midlands, UK, writes up a list of cruisy gay bars, saunas and clubs with a more than a hint of bondage and fetishism around the UK.

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  • Sexual freedom naked FKK in the Maspalomas dunes. Anything goes

    Maspalomas – the kinkiest place in the world

    Maspalomas and Playa Del Ingles Maspalomas and nearby Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain are possibly the kinkiest and most hardcore sex tourist holiday locations after 1990s Thailand. At the centre of it all is a three mile long beach with even more expanse of sand dunes – ideal for […]

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  • CB6000 chastity from Cucumber C4

    CB6000 Chastity Device as featured on Cucumber

    Here it is – this is the male chastity belt device which Dean flashed to Henry in Channel 4’s Cucumber and Banana shows last night. The CB6000 is the most sparkly, newest and perhaps most restrictive lockable cock snuggler  from the famous CB line of erection preventing plastics. It features three high grade polycarbonate sections […]

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  • Depth charge electro estim butt plug probe for electro play

    The Depth Charge Flexible BiPolar Electro Anal Probe

    Exploring the anal depths with a probing electro butt plug. Not only does this long action probe have a handle, it has zap and sizzle electro contacts. When I first used the Depth Charge with my blindfolded white collar sub Donald, he must have imagined sleek fingers caressing his inner arse, lightly toying with his […]

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  • PES electro big jim and slim jim estim electrodes

    PES Deepthroat Electrode with Big Jim

    The most intense and extreme BDSM cock and prostate electrode. The deepthroat with big jim (and the smaller slim jim) insertable urethral sound electrode by PES – Paradise Electrical Systems – is one of those toys which causes pupils to dilate, fear to precipitate and a sense of awe and wonder to fall upon your […]

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  • Shockspot fucking machine - the best and most powerful fucking machine for BDSM and anal Gay Sex

    The Shockspot Fucking Machine

    The most advanced sex toy and fucking machine in the world. As fucking machines go, nothing even comes close in terms of complexity, functions, versatility and technical wizardry. When judgement day comes and computers take over the world, the Shockspot will be the machine the cyborgs give a life of its own. Human orifices, beware! […]

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  • Ultimate cock cage bondage crusher and CBT torture clamp

    The Twisted Penis Chastity Device

    A simple yet stunning addition to your BDSM kit. This is torture to look at. And if your submissive male gets the merest hint of a hard-on, this is torture in reality. This item is beautifully simple, yet stunningly effective. If your man is a big boy it’s bad enough, but if his little person […]

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  • The Decimator Estim. The biggest butt plug in the world and it's electro! Works great with an erostek 312

    The Decimator – the largest electro BDSM butt plug in the world

    The biggest, and quite possibly the best, e-stim electro butt plug in the world. This is a monster. It’s huge. It’s a butt plug befitting followers of de Sade. It will make your slave’s eyes water at seeing it. It will make your slave shudder at holding it – it’s 10cm in diameter, 3.6Kg in […]

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  • The Erostek 312b . The erostek et 312 is the best estim electro power box there is. Ideal for pes electro, estim systems and folsom toys and electrodes . Will always give you a hands free orgasm (hfo)

    The Erostek ET312B – the ultimate electrosex power box for hands free orgasms

    Simply the best estim electrosex power box. It will blow your mind, but not your fuses Close your eyes. Lean back. Engage your imagination. Picture a time, when you can plug in a gadget, and your cock, vagina, clitoris, glans, anus, testicles, or any other erotic locality can be stimulated, stroked, pulsated, tempted and tempted. […]

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  • Fabulous nasty ball crusher for CBT, bondage and BDSM fetish play. The ultimate crusher for your nuts

    An industrial ball crusher

    A killer ball crusher for BDSM If you’ve been browsing fetlife and and you’ve seen those fabulous industrial ball crushers in photos, the chances are it’s one of these you’ve been admiring. It really will crush those balls if tightened enough This crusher is no frills, heavy, and not built with safety in mind! […]

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