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Contact us at Kinky Kink BDSM and fetish

By Master John
Updated on Sep 20, 2023

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The most advanced fucking machine in the world

Visiting our BDSM island

If you plan to visit us, please don’t rely on your Sat Nav which could cause you to come off the edge of the world.

It’s best to approach our tropical island from the east and you need to chart a passage for your yacht or cruiser to traverse the Sound of Urethra, taking great care to avoid the protective reef of butt plugs left by the US Navy in the 1960s.

Please ensure you bring your passport and BDSM master / slave registration papers for customs and visa entry and to avoid the need for any lengthy probing and analysis.

Contact us

To contact our Master and Mistress, please use the form below or on Skype (mister.kink)

Kinky Kinky
The Remote Island of Kink

Dark lane of wanton desire,
Latex County.
The Fabulous Republic of Perversion.
Tel: 1234-Kinkykink
Fax: Master does not allow Fax

Reviewer: Master John

I love kink. I particularly enjoy large anal plugs, expanding inflatables, deep insertions and prostate massages. I've recently branched out into estim for prostate massage and exotic programmable fucking machines. There's nothing like trying it all out on an unsuspecting sub first, male, female or transgender...

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