The kinkiest gay fetish locations, clubs and saunas in the UK

Cruisy gay bars, saunas and clubs with a more than a hint of fetishism in the UK


Have a gang bang at your local gay sauna

The South

Get sucked from every angle at your nearest gay sex spa sauna

The South West and Wales

Get some cruisy backdoor action at a nearby gay sauna sex spa sling fuck fest

The Midlands

Northern cock is the best. Get spattered with cum at a working class northern sauna. Jizz in my mouth ee by gum lad

The North

Find sexy nubile twinks to roger in Scotland, like this big balled donkey dick


If you would like your institution considered for the above guide, contact Slave Owner Roger using the comment form below. In time, he’ll rock up with his literate,  but abjectly worthless cunt hole(s) in tow, to thoroughly evaluate your interior.

Essential items for your cruising adventure

  • Douche – perhaps the most essential item, if you’re a bottom, versatile, or just someone’s worthless slave hole.
  • Poppers – ESMale has an aromatic selection. Get them quick before the become illegal in half of Europe…
  • Condoms – The Condom Outlet has every rubber you could imagine, and some you couldn’t.
  • Exciting underwear – Dead Good Undies has a fine selection, and ESMale also do some kinkier offerings, or if you want to frighten the punters, try some of these.
  • Rubber / PVC / Neoprene – Mister S Leather has some shiny, squeaky gear here, and there also this uberkinky kit here.
  • Leather – there’s a good selection of gear here, and here.
  • Harnesses and things with many belts – there’s nothing better than a lot of buckles.
  • Cock rings – for keeping everything going in the right direction.
  • Wrist or ankle wallets – for keeping your money / locker key / micro douche / lucky condom close by.
  • Lube – to ensure your trip to the sauna goes smoothly.
  • A decent jockstrap to show off your wares.

Have fun and play safe.





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