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BDSM shops – our Directory of Kink

By Master John
Updated on Jan 10, 2024

Reading time: 17 minutes

Directory of BDSM, sex, fetish, bondage, pig, slut, slave, master, dom, dome, dungeon, erotic, sadistic, furry, leather, neoprene, metal, sex machine, electro, estim, electro stim, restraints, cuffs, dildos and kinky apparel sex shops worldwide.

BDSM shops – here’s our comprehensive directory of purveyors of BDSM, fetish wear & kink on the internet for your perverted perusal

BDSM shops – welcome to our Directory of Kink. We’ve gathered together our favorite, kinkiest, and most provocative fetish and BDSM shops and suppliers from around the world for this exclusive list. Broaden your horizons (and your orifices), push your limits (and your insertables) and live a sexually memorable life! This list of kink, fetish, and BDSM shops was updated on Jan 10, 2024 @ 11:03 am.

Kink, BDSM, Sex Toy and Accessories Shops

  • Stockroom – Fantastic BDSM gear, sex toys, and bondage apparel.
  • Mr-S Leather – a stunning male BDSM and sex toy online store. The items here are extreme! Really good for leather clothing, restraints, and hoods, but also great for pig/red and edgy sex toys.
  • Extreme Restraints – a fulsome cornucopia of sex toys, hi-tech devices, fucking machines, effective restraints, supple leather, shiny latex and everything you’d ever dream of using to tie down and immobilize your sub. Hours of pleasure can be had from browsing this site, and months of imaginative dungeon play will result from your purchases. Live life to the kinkiest!
  • ESMale.com – A harder-edge male sex toy and accessory store. Stocks a wide variety of aromas.
  • Meo.com – some of the raunchiest and most outrageously and shamelessly kinky items anywhere. With items seemingly handpicked for depravity, just looking at this store will go a long way to getting your rocks off.
  • Clonezone – London’s must-see Soho-based gay sex, fetish, and BDSM store. Pop in on the tourist trail before you see to Big Ben. They stock Mr. S, Addicted, Cell Block 13, Dark Ink, and Square Peg Toys. What more could you want? If you’re planning conquest and destruction in Prague or Berlin, have a layover first and visit the shop on Old Compton Street. The sales assistants are hot.
  • Oxy-Shop.com – Visit this online store and stock your playroom now! Mistress Desdemona thoroughly approves of the fantastic range of steel chastity gear, enclosed metal ball stretchers, and extreme CBT options. She has many, many ideas for a handful of Extreme Stimulators.
  • 665 Leather – a totally awesome kink and fetish store with leather and neoprene clothing, toys, restraints, slings, ESTIM gear, and more.
  • Ken’s Twisted Mind – the super awesome shop for fucking machines, parts, repairs, and custom BDSM gear.
  • Bottega Nera – a UK-based and unique online shop which sells handpicked collections of high-end gear and toys for different BDSM situations. For example, there’s a  ‘pain/pleasure’ kit, a ‘classic’ kit, and ‘true kink’ package. Well worth a look.
  • Lovehoney – A fairly vanilla super sex store with really competitive prices. They do however stock some really hot lingerie and great value fetish gear and a nice line of affordable fucking machines.
  • Church of Sinvention – a beautifully debauched plethora of perverted products. Let BSDM, hogties, and big veined leather penis gags become your new religion. Very strong on rubber, leather, and custom clothing. Free shipping offers in North America. Genuflect now!
  • Uberkinky.co.uk – magnificent UK-based fetish, kink, BDSM, medical play, and chastity store. Some unique and interesting items as well as bestsellers. Probably the best BDSM shop in the UK.
  • Black Rose Red Thorns – a specialist vegan-friendly fetish-inspired wear shop for the ethically conscious fetishist, based in the UK. We particularly liked the cage collars.
  • Mince.nl – the biggest BDSM store in the Benelux. Gear for your every desire, and more.

665 leather - neoprene underwear, fetish clothing, fabulous chaps.

  • Regulation in London – Stunning BDSM and fetish shop. Great leather and rubber goods.
  • Fetters – a full-service bondage and fetish store. Great for furniture, so if you’re looking for a new fetish counter or a bench for your foot fetish fantasies, then this is the place. Very strong on metal, rubber, and leather goods, all of very high quality. Ideal to create your fantasy sex playroom.
  • Blackstore – A truly fabulous store in the Czech Republic. Some dark and depraved stock!
  • Cherry Banana – An Australian sex toy supermarket with more than a touch of kink. Think Harold Bishop hog-tied. No, don’t, mate. Really don’t. Excellent shipping services to Australia and New Zealand – could be your first choice for quick kink fixes.
  • Tantus – very high-quality toys and kink items with unique touches when it comes to color and finishes. We really want to try the Mr Universe plugs.
  • Sex Superstore – a UK based online store stacked with kinky offerings. The clothing range has a lot of potentials.
  • Sextoys.co.uk – a good and versatile UK based store. Some kinky items if you search through the site, especially in the electro and fetish sections.
  • Nomi Tang – seriously powerful and effective vibrators for men and women. The Spotty RC is our favorite – a beast with a pulsating 360-degree rotating head to rearrange the prostate and cause inevitable and unstoppable anal orgasms. It features a remote control, which is ideal for those situations when you’ve inserted one-up your panting sub’s anus and want to switch it on without warning.

Orgasmic life like sex dolls. Ideal for exploring forbidden sexual fetishes and role plays.

  • RealDoll – is simply the best quality sex doll ever. The attention to detail is staggering – it’s like Disney – only, of course, it isn’t. These dolls feature custom eyebrows, bespoke freckles, removable cocks, and endless variations of pubic hair. And if you require specifics such as an unusually long vagina, familiar facial features, or a display stand – that’s no problem. Many body styles and male and female options. We particularly like the ReadDoll2 Stephanie and the ‘hybrid’ options. If you’re looking for a compliant twink slave, the male body B has a 28-inch waist and marvelous nipples.
  • Boyzshop – a thunderously dirty gay male sex toy boutique. The ‘size matters’ penis extender is one of our favorites. Just stretch it a little too far and you’ll understand why…
  • Rupert Huse & Son – Male and female BDSM sex store, focusing on the theme of ‘control’. Very well stocked, and lots of thought has gone into the items for sale. Nothing on this site will fail to put your sub in their place.
  • Rob-Paris – High-end BDSM and restraint website based in Paris, France. Very strong on interesting butt plugs and designer bondage clothing and accessories. There’s also Rob-Amsterdam which has some fine hoods and masks.
  • Mister B – a fascinating online bondage store based in the Netherlands. A visual masterpiece. Some amazing nipple clamps!
  • SpankSticks.com – we really like the look of this site from Denmark which flogs a variety of latex, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and plastic canes, crops, paddles, and kits. Your sub will wince!
  • Bondara – a colorful online sex mega shop based in Europe with a sufficiently devious and competitively priced bondage and fetish section.
  • Twisted Monk – the best website and store for hemp rope, rope bondage, instructional videos, and advice.

Best BDSM in Benelux

  • MG Leather – a wonderland for bondage gay macho males with bushy mustaches and carefully cultivated chest hair. Leather harnesses, vests, pants, chaps, jockstraps, and restraints are all fully exposed for your perusal.
  • Deep Stealth Dungeon – a superbly stocked web store featuring a wealth of carefully chosen and choice items to disturb your unsuspecting sub. Our particular favorites include the industrial stainless steel hooks, the Vaginal Torment shelf, and most of all, the urethral stretcher. And no, that isn’t some new-fangled sound or dilator – it’s like a wing-nutted mini speculum to prize open up your man’s pee hole sideways. A thousand leather fist pumps in appreciation!
  • Halfway Creations – Marvelous hand-made leather teddy bears in all sorts of styles, colors, and sizes. There’s also a special ‘after dark’ section of their website for more interesting accessories. The 5/8 inch leather dick leash with a 24-inch chain and weight clips sparked Mistress Desdemona’s imagination…
  • Fetish Toybox – A very thorough site offerings a vast collection of fetish tools, toys, and implements. The huge insertables section is right up our alley.  They also offer free worldwide shipping.
  • Dudea – If you’re into shiny latex rubber, and pussy, then this is the site for you. Dudea sells the world’s finest rubber cunts, along with some fine clothing, toys, and hoses.
  • Scenewear by SAM – a great fetish clothing shop which is particularly good for BDSM gear in very large, very small, or very unusual custom sizes.
  • Fort Troff – extremely hardcore gay BDSM toys and gear. Not for the fainthearted. The best part is they have video clips of all their products in action… One of the best BDSM shops in North America.
  • Steelwerks – the most twisted, yet highest quality, best designed and exquisitely finished chastity and CBT devices out there. If you want something to make a cenobite from Hellbound Hellraiser hard for you, this is the shop. In fact, we do believe they supplied toys for Pinhead himself…
  • Fetish Freak – a sumptuous exploration into the world of arse-smacking leather jocks, suspension, and beharnessed buggeryware with too many studs and belt buckles to mention. We like this site a lot.
  • Rob (Amsterdam) – absolutely marvelous gay fetish superstore. In true Dutch fashion, everything has a point. For each item, some erudite, quizzical European has sat and thought: ‘How can I use this in a fantasy situation…’
  • TOXYD – a limitless BDSM store, and it’s all in German. If you’re like me that sets the nipples on edge. Get your Knebel here!
  • Saxleather – Premium Australian bondage gear. Great range of Tom of Finland and puppy play items. The bendy two-handed fist double dong has to be a highlight, mate.
  • Hot Steel Toys – wonderful and shiny and new toys, with fast delivery. Ideal for all those last-minute those spiky ball-crushing scenario requirements.
  • Lelo – high-end and luxurious massagers, vibrators, and eggs – many of them remote-controlled. Perfect for your velvet-lined and pristine purple bondage boudoir.
  • Kink Engineering – specialist supplier of latex for sheets, bodybags, and sleepsacks. Custom colors include honey gold and plum.
  • Bondage Webbing – a one-of-a-kind site selling all manner of harnesses, cuffs, poly webbing, and the most amazing brightly colored spandex bodysuits and leotards.
  • Fetish Factory – these funky Floridians sure have filthy tastes! A large range of surgical-grade steel, spreaders, and sadistic restraints.
  • Erin Houdini rope – fantastic for dark, pokey, BDSM clubs, and munches. Glow in the dark bondage rope, in a variety of colors.
  • Mojave Outliers – specialist whipmakers from Oregon. If you want a fine kangaroo whip, there’s no better place to look.
  • Gear Leather & Fetish – online and with an outlet in Palm Springs, this shop features hard-edged clothing and fetishwear. It features the awesome Maskulo line.
  • JDL for Leather – high quality yet affordable leather and BDSM apparel. Mistress Desdemona really likes the finger scratchers for her Grace Jones(ish) dominatrix parties.
  • Gear Berlin and Gear London. Great gay leather, rubber, and sports scene store stocked by buyers with exquisite tastes. You are bound to come out of here with a whole new outfit…
  • Vibrators.com – every type of vibrator. Yes, we mean every, including many you had never dreamed of.
  • Pride Shack – every imaginable LGBT-related accessory and apparel can be found here.
  • The Chain Gang – specializes in body jewelry, and there are plenty of kinks here. Sounds and butt plugs are also on offer.

Fucking Machines from Extreme Restraints

Extreme insertables, plugs and dildos

  • Bad Dragon – Normal, weird, fantasy and just plain scary big dildos and things to push deeper inside your begging, bound, quivering hole owner.
  • Square Peg Toys – For those who prefer something more industrial and mechanical looking up their arse, pussy or wherever else you have in mind. Great puppy play items.
  • Mr Hankey’s Toys – quite spectacular larger and more realistic dildos and dongs since 2015. With very high attention to detail, all the models have optional realistic ‘remove-o-balls’.

Mr Hankey's Toys - 'kink10' for 10% off

  • Bulder Toys – These dildos are works of art. They belong in The Louvre. Perfect for deep ass play, these silicone sculptures are equally at home as garden ornaments or interior design focal points. We particularly like the Finland Boll. Who doesn’t like squeezing perfectly spherical balls?
  • Crackstuffers – Ideal for those who need a hygienic anal traffic cone or a cock as long as your average leg. Only for the ambitious.
  • Frisky Beast – Ever wanted a replica horse cock inside you or a life-sized dog dong perusing your insides. Well, now you can.
  • Zoo Fur – perfectly formed phalli for your fun tunnel.  Whether for a fi-fi or a fundament, these furry items are far ahead of the competition.
  • Kitten Creations – cute and cuddly furry tails for fundamental role play. Solid steel fastenings!
  • The Orgasmatron X2 – At first blush, it’s bordering on vanilla – albeit in vivid pink and blue, but then it depends on where and when and who is using it. It’s all in Master’s fetid imagination…

For intense and horny sensation, www.esmale.com is the place to be.

Fucking machines

  • Ken’s Twisted Mind – an amazing selection of fucking machines, accessories, vac-u-lock dildos and high-end toys.
  • The Shockspot – possibly the world’s most advanced programmable fucking machine. It has good power and lots of interactivity. Connect it to a PC for the ultimate cybersex experience.
  • Orgasm Alley – handmade with stunning craftsmanship, these are the best fucking machines out there if you want sheer methodical, thrusting power. If a Terminator-style, relentless, predictable, high torque, powerful pounding is what you want; you’re bound to find something here.
  • We Vibe – app-enabled vibrators, eggs, and rings. There’s a wealth of possibilities that opens up when Master or Mistress gets creative with the internet remote control scenarios.
  • Kiiroo – internet-enabled toys for him and her which allow couples to remotely fuck, stroke, masturbate, pump and otherwise play with each other – all remotely through a clever app. Perfect for distance BDSM.

The most advanced fucking machine in the world

Lingerie / Underwear and specialist BDSM clothing shops

  • Dead Good Undies – a great range of underwear for men at unbeatable prices.
  • Honour Fetish – Turning fantasy into reality. Some very nice and very shiny latex, black, red and sexy clothes and fetish items. Drool. A fabulous BDSM shop.
  • Skin Two – a plethora of cutting-edge and fashionable fetish clothing for women and men. Dress your bitch slave up in style!
  • Ledapol – very edgy and sexy BDSM lingerie in leather and latex for women and men. Very high quality and aimed at the German market where they exhibit at all the top fetish fairs. Highly recommended.
  • Manhood Undies – lots of popular brands, but also a filthy line in wet-look thongs.
  • Chez Noir – a Canadian store specializing in latex for him and her. Check out the boxer briefs with an incorporated butt plug.
  • Nasty Pig – an eye-catching selection of scally cum power bottom ‘fuck me’ clothing, with a macho American twist. Wear it for Football practice. We dare you! Be sure, no one will be in any doubt what you want, and that you are determined to get it.
  • Vocla – designer and fetish underwear and jocks for men. Make sure your package is up to the minute.
  • Libidex – unique latex clothing for men and women. Very creative bondage and restraint items. We particularly liked the exposed leg binder.
  • Exotic High Heels – perfect for threatening to crush your sub’s nuts. Why resort to a plain black heal when you can make your pathetic slave whimper at the thought of a mid-calf referee sport boot?

Networking websites

  • Alt.com – a huge worldwide alternative lifestyle social networking site. Facebook for Kink.
  • Recon.com– website for men into fetish, bondage, master-slave, and BDSM. Worldwide following.
  • BLUF – The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub.
  • Gaydar.co.uk – the leading Gay dating website. Includes extensive fetish and BDSM themes chat rooms.
  • Fetlife.com – a great social networking community for anyone into fetishes. A one-stop BDSM shop for networking.
  • Fetish.com – a vast site with over 10,000 members worldwide. It’s like dating meets FetLife – with a lot of pictures.
  • Socialstim – If you’re interested in ESTIM or electrosex, the chances are the inventor of the product you’re using is on this forum-based site. Everything you can and can’t imagine about ESTIM is here. The best Estim site since the demise of Smartstim
  • FindaMunch – a fantastic networking site for finding fetish groups and gatherings in your local area. Very wide and extensive coverage, including Master and Slave, age play, Pony/Puppy pet play, and ‘toy making groups’. We like the sound of that!
  • London Belles – London Submissive Escorts – an escort agency for submissive bitches.
  • Cam4 – although this caters to a broader market, there’s a surprising amount of kink on show at any particular time.

Electrosex and Estim

  • Erostek – the manufacturer of the famous ET-312b – the mother, father, and extended family of all ESTIM power boxes. They also do some fabulous accessories and ship directly, and worldwide. Very helpful customer support.
  • E-Stim Systems – Top manufacturer and retailer of power boxes, electrodes and insertables. Ships to USA, Europe and UK. The heavyweight butt plugs beat anything else hands down, especially the decimator, and the new Vyper 4 pole cock crusher is both affordable and different.  Excellent support forums.
  • Estim.com – Probably the best Estim / Electrosex store for mainland Europe. Competitive prices and just about everything you’d ever want in stock.
  • Electrastim – manufacturers and purveyors of fine electrosex power boxes and electrodes. The accessories, particularly the anal electrodes tend to be a little more hard-wearing than the PES ones (in our view.) The depth charge anal electrode has to be seen to be believed.
  • PES electro – a maker of powerful electro powerboxes, which can induce much fear in a sub, albeit without the technology of an Erostek box, and also a fine range of insertable electro plugs, cock rings, glans electrodes and the prized ‘big Jim’ urethral and prostate electrode.
  • Pleasure-Tec – some very depraved electro-sex devices and accessories. The penis restraint section is superb.
  • Happy-Stim – The perfect online store for those who want to create their own e-stim electrodes, or come up with a custom configuration. Every connector, adapter, conductive rubber tube, and clip can be found here. A great range of commercial electrodes and power boxes are also available, making this probably the most complete ESTIM / electro store in the USA.
  • Folsom Electric – very hardcore ESTIM plugs, rings, insertables, and the famous CBT torture board. Their site doesn’t seem to be operational, but you may find some of their products at MEO.
  • Erostek Et-312 repair service – Blackstore in Europe offers an amazing ET-312 repair service if your knobs and pots have become loose. Don’t worry, it happens to us all. These clever people also tune up ESTIM powerboxes to make them even better than the real thing.
  • Dreamlovers – an innovative mobile phone solution to your long-distance slave paranoia control issues. Send a text message to zap your naughty sub’s cock cage from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
  • Violet Wandsthe store for modern and safe violet wands. The site also has extensive resources, instructional guides, and advice.
  • Current Pleasures – A DIY Estim paradise with affordable materials for hobbyists. Great for experienced and imaginative players.

Total electo kink . Electroplay, e-stim and electrosex experts.

Sounding and urethral insertion

Body modification

  • Extreme needle – a high-class, high-kink boutique tattoo, and piercing artist studio in London. World-renowned for custom artwork and hard-to-find genital adornments.


  • The Tenga. This deserves a category of its own. Squeezing, pulsing, gripping, teasing, and nobbly, the Tenga devices are a uniquely plastic and synthetic blowjob cum wank cum experience. They’re even better with a blindfold or when used by a master in a sling when you least expect it.

Online Porn sites

BDSM gay twink domination

  • Kink. com – a plethora of hardcore, yet perfectly legal, BDSM and kinky websites. A fetish for almost every taste. Quite expensive, but lavish productions – the true Hollywood of kink. We particularly like the live shows on Boundgods.com, probably because the Dom agreed to our shocking request…
  • Bondage Life – artistic and captivating bondage movies and photosets.
  • Sensual Pain – hardcore videos with hard-edged bitches in tricky positions. Titles such as ‘Anal Snakes’, ‘Restrained Desperation’, and ‘Cunt Annihilation’ will provide you with endless ideas for Saturday nights.
  • Hard Tied – Intricate knotwork and screaming explosive orgasms feature strongly in this offering with memorable output such as ‘Anchored’ and ‘Puddles’.
  • Infernal Restraints – The series of models in these galleries demonstrate exceptional flexibility when wrapped around some very specialized dungeon furniture. Very useful for sparking a creative long-term slave scenario.
  • Topgrl – Big breasts, big ropes and big-time creepy and slightly sci-fi mind fucks including electro, hogties, and punishment for sinners.
  • Realtime bondage – No cuts and nothing left out in these documentaries featuring bendy bodies, lengthy insertions, and exquisite moaning.
  • Sexually Broken – this site needs no explanation.
  • Agan Medon – artistic and original animations of women in medieval-style hell holes with well-proportioned muscle daddies and stretching devices.
  • The Pain Files – very hard-edged and shock-value BDSM slave porn. Not for the faint-hearted! Not available in the UK due to government censorship.

Put your anus into overdrive. Machine fucking and pounding anal orgasms. Gay bondage and prostate milking

boynapped gay bdsm domination tied scenario video movie clip

Specialist dungeon furniture and equipment

  • High-quality bespoke dungeon furniture. Very well built, and built to last.
  • Finnmark Saunas – is your local gay sauna over an hour away? Why not buy your own bespoke Finnish sauna for your home? Fabulous quality and every accessory you could want for.
  • RED – Restraint Engineered Designs – simply the best, most practical, and space-saving portable sling. They also make unbelievably wicked beds.
  • Serious Kit – Contemporary Bondage equipment. Gear that would scare the ghosts in American Horror Story including vacuum milking machines any farmyard animal would die for.
  • Evil Toys – a German firm specializing in … well… evil toys and furniture. Some super-scary slings, beds, cages, dentists chairs, gynaecological spare parts, and fucking machine installation platforms.  Mistress Desdemona is salivating lustily over the “Evil Supporter“. Submissive puppy Rupert however, is not…
  • Tetruss – Innovative and distinctive portable dungeons and slings, designed for easy storage and assembly. Perfect inside and outside, if you dare.
  • Saxon dungeon furniture – stylish and practical furniture and equipment for dungeons. We particularly like the bondage walls, with padding and multiple points of interest for attachments.
  • Jimsupport – high-quality slings, rim seats, and fuck benches. Based in Palm Springs and will ship worldwide.
  • Sheets of San Francisco – fluid-proof and mess-proof sheets for your bedding and furniture that look good, feel good and clean well. Really high quality and worth it.
  • Dungeon Delights – as used by Lucifer! Inventive and high-quality dungeon furniture and accessories. The website is just gorgeous. Just don’t show your master!

Specialist Dominatrix and personal services

  • Mistress Tahlia BDSM in Sydney. A scintillating and tantalizing website to suck you into the world of Australian BDSM. Probably worth the flight to Sydney alone and after checking out the gallery you’ll never look at blue rubber the same way again. As for services: “I very much enjoy the strict and relentless Bitch with the ability to break you both physically and emotionally.” What more could a sub want?
  • The amazing rubberboy. A startling site featuring the shiny, shiny, black rubber boy and all that he gets up to. Whether you want to watch him, hire him, or just ogle his wares and plan your next restrained party look – it’s all here.
  • Patricia at MedicalySado – A fascinating website, thoroughly detailing every aspect of Mistress Patricia and the myriad of medical, mind, body fetishes, and role-play scenarios covered in her studio in Barcelona, Spain. Translations in English and Spanish are available.
  • Chicago Illusions. A full-service offering with doms, mistresses, scenarios, and every kind of equipment-packed themed room a kinky mind could imagine.

KinkBNB Rental and Services Guide
Sex toys & equipment for men and women specialising in BDSM & Petplay.

Holidays, trips, events and socializing

  • A charming little dungeon for hire in Germany.
  • Sub Rosa Dictum – Germany’s finest fetish party – held in Munich,  Bavaria.
  • A dark and depraved dungeon for hire in deepest … UK.
  • A proper pukka dark and hard-edged dungeon for hire with suitably scary equipment. Great location in London.
  • KinkBNB – a bit like Airbnb but with slings, dungeons, wetrooms, highly restrictive furniture, and optional ‘sex educators’ thrown in.
  • If you’re looking for holiday courses and serious instruction in BDSM this French Dungeon should be right up your rue.
  • Hoxton Dungeon Suite – a well-stocked BDSM apartment dungeon minutes from London city center. Lots of high-tech gear including a fucking machine.
  • Fetish Factory – a store, community, and event website, holding BDSM and fetish events throughout the USA. Based in Florida.
  • Erotika – BDSM parties and clubbing in Amsterdam, Holland. Classy.
  • The Master and Slave Conference – meet other masters and slaves from around the world.
  • The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar – a monthly fetish fair and social gathering in Birmingham, West Midlands in the UK.
  • Brighton Alternative Market – on the last Sunday of each month, every two months. No groceries here, but all kinds of perverted wares imaginable; and numerous individuals who will custom make the unimaginable.
  • London Fetish Fair –  held every second Sunday of each month. Definitely worth a stop-over if you happen to be flying over.

Instruction, health, advice, and resources

  • Shytobuy – A UK-based shop that offers solutions to all those embarrassing problems. There are products for erection malfunctions, small penis storylines, cumming off command; skin, hair, and cunt-hole care.
  • BDSM Contract – have an attorney at kink draft a watertight agreement between you and your sub. Options include a pigskin-bound contract book with a key.
  • Ambrosio’s BDSM pages – a detailed site offering advice on conventions, law, services, traditions, and the history of bondage, S&M, and fetishes as a culture.
  • Fistrik – Everything you will ever need to know about preparing an asshole for one or more fists. Considerable attention to detail here.
  • Bound Stories – a leading collection of bondage stories, BDSM stories, fetish stories, and all-around kinkiness. Highly recommended.
  • Two Knotty Boys – just about everything you will ever need to know about rope work.
  • Ken Marcus – specializing in hardcore BDSM and fetish videos. Great for bedroom ideas.
  • The Daily Flogger – a long-running and popular news service for BDSM, with a humorous twist.
  • Check whether your activities are legal, with extensive guides from The Spanner Trust.
  • Wicked Grounds – A kink cafe and community-based in San Francisco with an offline and online boutique and a mine of helpful information and help for first-time and experienced kinksters.
  • Kinky Kollege – accumulate credits towards your kinky degree. Lots of lifestyle advice and regular seminars are held around the United States.
  • Darkside Magazine – a sumptuous monthly digital and physical magazine offering advice, interviews, and exquisite photography.
  • Reddit’s Estim forum – a plethora of information and resources for ESTIM and electrosex.
  • Les Carrés d’Hélène – a center for sexual research including forums on BDSM and electrosex. The website is in French.


Reviewer: Master John

I love kink. I particularly enjoy large anal plugs, expanding inflatables, deep insertions and prostate massages. I've recently branched out into estim for prostate massage and exotic programmable fucking machines. There's nothing like trying it all out on an unsuspecting sub first, male, female or transgender...

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