An industrial ball crusher

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Down and dirty industrial ball crusher

Down and dirty industrial ball crusher

A killer ball crusher for BDSM

If you’ve been browsing fetlife and and you’ve seen those fabulous industrial ball crushers in photos, the chances are it’s one of these you’ve been admiring.

It really will crush those balls if tightened enough

This crusher is no frills, heavy, and not built with safety in mind! It really will crush those balls if tightened enough with the mother of all clockwise keys. If you’re not into crushing, just use it as a clamp to push those testicles outwards into exposed and vulnerable territory.

Intense pain can be caused by this device when used with sufficient menace. The eye-shaped screw can also take weights to add a new dimension to the crushing.

A startlingly well presented target for your riding crop

The device is made from aluminum, so it can’t be wired up for electrosex / estim. However, when used as a clamp it thrusts the testicles forwards perfectly for sticking on some tens pads and that’s some serious eye-watering BDSM. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a startlingly well-presented target for your riding crop, violet wand or adapted cattle prod.

Your sub, slave or disliked husband will not forget this crusher in a hurry. Use it with malevolent imagination! The best price for this crusher we’ve found online is from Extreme Restraints. The manufacturer’s name says it all… There’s also a very similar one stocked by UberKinky in Europe. For UK customers, the exact model described above is stocked by Regulation – along with some downright humiliating restraints. It’s also well worth checking Ken’s Twisted Mind, who sell a variety of ball squeezing devices at prices to reduce your manhood.

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  1. Tahlia October 17, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    This is the classic ball crusher of all time. Works on every package you’ve ever come across! Very easy to clean and great for hanging weights off the handle. Should be the starting point in every CBT collection!

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