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Urethral sounds and dilators – our guide to piss hole fetish play

By Master John
Updated on Sep 20, 2023

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The Kinky Kink guide to urethral sounds and dilators

Urethral sounds were designed by doctors in the 18th and 19th centuries to unblock piss holes. In terms of medical terminology, a urethral sound is a device to dilate and help clear strictures caused after an infection. Such doctors cared little for patient discomfort hence some of the downright scary designs. In present times sounds are rarely used for medical reasons – antibiotics have largely replaced them – but they remain available to the BDSM community as one of the more powerful mind fucks available for the genital area. And due to their long history, there are still many different types of urethral sound available and many different techniques for using them.

Hegar sound

Hegar urethral sound

This is technically a uterine sound, rather than a urethral sound. It designed for probing a uterus and inducing dilations. That means these sounds are big, thick, and heavy and you can’t fail to notice kind of big. These sounds make a wee-wee hole tremble and a sub have deep misgivings about their previous life decisions. Hegar sounds are shorter than some others and have slightly rounded ends. They drop nicely into a quivering chubby by force of gravity alone. Most have a handle shaped like a spatula so the master knows which end is for insertion – unless you like inserting utensils in your urinary tract, of course. Hegar sounds can be bought from Meo in Germany or Uberkinky in the UK.

Van Buren urethral sound

Van Buren urethral sound

Van Buren sounds, sometimes known as dilators, were originally designed to widen the passage between the penis and the bladder. Imagine a butch nurse with targets to meet. The pronounced curve enables one of these sounds to penetrate the bladder sphincter. Bet you didn’t know you had one of those. Because of the design, they are best suited for use on your male subs.

These sounds are seriously scary to an unsuspecting slave and ideal for bound role-play scenarios. Amongst their many useful features, these sounds cannot be removed when a cock is erect, and the way they end up sitting on the prostate makes them ideal for milking or electro play. To connect to an estim unit, simply attach a nice fat alligator clip to the end poking out of the prone piss slit. Sizes range from thin to monster fat thicknesses. Van Burens can be purchased from Uberkinky in Europe. You know you want one of these in your urethra.

Guyon urethral sound

Guyon urethral dilator sounds

These sounds look like some form of medieval fish hooks, albeit with a high polish finish and smooth edges to shove down your knob tunnel. Developed by a French urologist with spectacular mutton chops, these were originally designed for the female anatomy, although they are popular with seriously experience male sound players. The hook simply squashes the prostate when positioned correctly. Imagine the most satisfying back scratcher ever, deep inside your erogenous zone. These toys need working up to – they are not for the faint-hearted. Guyon dilators are available from Meo in Germany and Uberkinky in the UK.

Dittel or Dittle urethral sounds

Dittel urethral dilators

Dittels are great fun, from the little Dittel to the big fat Dittels. Ideal for sliding in and out of your restrained slave’s engorged glans like a wanton industrial dipstick tester. Buy now from Meo in Germany or Uberkinky in the UK.

Pratt urethral sounds

Pratt urethral dilators

Pratts are ideal for both beginners and advanced cock stuffers for all types of urethral fuckery. Mash your meatus to your heart’s content. Buy these from Meo in Germany, or Uberkinky in the UK.

Hank sounds

Hank sounds are similar to Pratts but often appear in more extreme and varied sizes. Useful if you are intending to widen a wee-wee hole to help facilitate, for example, a finger fuck, or a scented candle for that romantic master-slave moment. Larger sizes are the dilator equivalent of an equine speculum – commendably ambitious, but realistically unlikely. These dilators can be purchased from the Mince.nl.

Rosebud sounds

Rosebud urethral sounds

Rosebuds are cool examples of uro-genital engineering. Thin rods with little pearl shaped bullets arranged in gradually increasing mass, sets of these are ideal for teasing, squeezing and poking a prostate. They are also excellent for converting into electro sounds for estim, by attaching a bulldog clip to the protruding end. With an ET312b it’s not only possible but likely that Master will achieve on-demand forced orgasms (especially in conjunction with an electro anal plug). Multiple orgasms are also a distinct possibility with this type of sound. Rosebud sounds are available from Uberkinky in the UK.

Specialist Estim and Electro sounds

There’s only one specialist electro sound we recommend, and that’s the PES electro Big Jim and Slim Jim range. These are fantastic for milking. Arrange your sub doggy style and his cock will be oozing with sound effects. Read our review of the Big Jim here . The Slim Jim, is similar but thinner, and easier to accommodate in your urethra. Due to the smaller contact area, the sensations can be harsher on higher settings.  Slim Jims are found at Stockroom. Estim systems have designed some awesome microsounds (US, EU/UK) and electro penis plugs (US, EU/UK).

Vibrating, ribbed, dispstick, dominator, penis plugs and downright kinky sounds

Antique sounds and urological instruments

Never actually use these in real physical play, but they will elicit shock in your sub during role-play situations, especially when you explain how they work. The ensuing mind fuck when you subsequently add a blindfold and elect to then use something far safer is something my master taught me well. The sheer sight of stricture divulsors, perforators, and any of the exciting silver catheters used for treating a venereal disease or syphilis my well prompt impromptu and unsolicited piss play.

Urethral care and attention

Sterilize your toys! The stuff you buy to clean baby bottles is fine, but ff you are really serious about sounding, invest in an autoclave or a pressure cooker to avoid those nasty UTIs caused by dirty metal.

Only introduce a sound when soft – injury is far more likely when trying to persuade a hard cock to accept hard metal. Use surgilube and the force of gravity for the initial insertion of metal into your meat. Never push the sound in on initial insertion, let it slide in by itself, and only thrust-fuck your gleaming metal once relaxed and thoroughly surgilubed. There are some useful guides to sounding technique here and here.
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Reviewer: Master John

I love kink. I particularly enjoy large anal plugs, expanding inflatables, deep insertions and prostate massages. I've recently branched out into estim for prostate massage and exotic programmable fucking machines. There's nothing like trying it all out on an unsuspecting sub first, male, female or transgender...

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