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Kali’s Teeth Chastity Device

By Master John
Updated on Aug 19, 2023

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Kali’s Teeth CBT ring by Oxy-Shop
Scrotal ring, cock ring, glans ring, shaft ring with spikes for chastity.

Kali’s Teeth. This first thing you notice about this high quality steel Kali’s Teeth CBT toy is the weight. It feels good in your hand, and if it feels good in your hand you just know it’s going to hang well on some poor sub’s cock, or balls, or maybe cock and balls, or possibly a devious and nasty combination of both.

The Kali’s teeth comes in various flavors – steel teeth, golden teeth, two rows of teeth and four rows of teeth. Somehow the two rows have a little more bite. More pressure per square inch. The prone tied up genitals are more likely to feel that. There’s a nice velvet bag for storage. Master John likes velvet. Sometimes he likes to store his cock in velvet for long periods and pretends to be a monarch… but’s that’s a whole different fetish…

Scrotal ring, cock ring, glans ring, shaft ring with spikes for chastity.

‘balls are not retracting anywhere…’

So what is this CBT toy useful for? Well, Mistress Desdemona and I let our imaginations run wild. Firstly, it will act as the perfect scrotal ring. Place between the cock base and the balls to cause the testicles to jut out provocatively and ripe for impact play while the ring is closed, and secured with a padlock. For added intrigue, use the supplied steel screwdriver to adjust the ‘teeth’ so they start to make themselves felt on the taut and squashed ball bag which causes pressure, rather than pain, but also ensures the balls are not retracting anywhere.

‘Extend, ping, thwack, wince, repeat…’

Now the teeth are not sharp, so there’s no danger of injury, but as our guest contributor Dr Orgasm pointed out, they do focus the metal to skin contact onto a smaller surface area. That comes in useful when applying Estim. Any electro pads or alligator clips attached to the Kali’s Teeth device focus the current and stimulation only through the teeth points. This causes a sharp, nettle sting like sensation which will grab any sub’s attention. The metal loop, designed for a small padlock, is also perfect for a thin bungee cord. Extend, ping, thwack, wince, repeat…

‘an electrical alarm at the base of his junk’

However, this isn’t just a scrotal ring. Depending on the subject’s girth and dimensions, it can be an ultra snug and – not for the faint-hearted – cock ring. Pick your moment – affix while your slave is soft, and lock him in. Perhaps apply a Hitachi wand without prejudice to his exposed glans and watch him squirm as the teeth dig in – especially if you take this exact moment to start tightening. Estim play at this location was really quite effective when Dr Orgasm tried it. The subject said it was like an electrical alarm at the base of his junk. Or perhaps he was just alarmed…

Scrotal ring, cock ring, glans ring, shaft ring with spikes for chastity.

‘like a blowjob from Jaws’.

Another possible placement, especially if your male partner is well hung, is behind the glans. This Kali’s teeth device makes a truly sadistic glans ring for an erect cock. When Dr Orgasm used it in a BDSM scene, he made full use of the chastity padlock loop to feed a rope through and tie the hard cock in place, suspended at right angles from the body. He then attached an alligator clip to the same metal loop as a point of contact (the B channel was an anal plug) and turned the MA up suddenly after stimming the sub on the ‘intense’ program of an ET312b for around 5 minutes. Mistress Desdemona had been gradually tightening the teeth all the time. Once the MA hit max, the sub orgasmed involuntarily, later describing it as ‘like a blowjob from Jaws’.

We highly recommend this! The Kali’s teeth toy can be purchased from Oxy-Shop, who ship worldwide.

This BDSM sex toy review was last updated on Aug 19, 2023 @ 8:57 am.


Reviewer: Master John

I love kink. I particularly enjoy large anal plugs, expanding inflatables, deep insertions and prostate massages. I've recently branched out into estim for prostate massage and exotic programmable fucking machines. There's nothing like trying it all out on an unsuspecting sub first, male, female or transgender...

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