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Men’s Pleasure Park Gay Sauna, Heathrow

By Master John
Updated on Sep 20, 2023

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Note – this is an archived post. Men Pleasure Park has sadly closed.

Men’s Pleasure Park – once in a while we see a really good idea. Often it’s an ingenious butt plug, or a new angle on vibration – perhaps an original method of restraint or a previously unforeseen strategy to achieve the perfect orgasm. But this idea is startling in its simplicity.

It’s a gay sauna event, in a quiet area, with transport links to the entire world via the world’s busiest airport. You never know who you might fuck here.

Within striking distance, and by that we mean quick taxi, limo hire or even uber-fit bike ride, from Heathrow airport; it’s ideal for anyone who happens to be travelling to London. Whether it’s for getting laid on your layover, a day trip with play, or a flying visit with no flies required the location is perfect. Road users fear not – there’s easy access from the M25, M3, M4 and M40 and plenty of secure parking – (room for over 60 cars) when you arrive.

Mens Pleasure Park Heathrow. Gay sauna complex in SurreyThere’s everything you’d expect at a high end steam complex with BDSM touches – a gay porn cinema, themed rooms, social area and dance floor, big, open play rooms, including an octagonal bed, a pole, hot tubs, a sauna and impressive shower and changing facilities.

There are also those features you hope for, but often don’t find in gay spas such as 24,000 square feet of space to cruise,  an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a fully equipped dungeon with St Andrew’s Cross, Spider’s Web, lockable cages, pillory and shackles; queening chairs, a Tau chair, a suspended birdcage with a winch, a swing/sling with suspension ropes, a wall cage, a spanking bench,  and more private closed-door playrooms and glory holes grope boxes. Slaves are welcome. There’s even a large naturist garden and smoking area. There is also mention of wearing flip flops and complimentary toiletries – which is always a good sign.

Discretion is a running theme on the Men’s Pleasure Park website and this is a members-only event. The launch party is on Thursday 1st June 2017, and after that there’s a party on the first Thursday of every month

Men's Pleasure Park London, Near Heathrow

Of course, when you visit any sauna, remember to take with you the essentials for a good time. A good Douche is a must and Poppers help that hole relax.  Kinky back door underwear hides any less than perfect buttocks to raise that posterior confidence and Harnesses can give you that authoritative I’m going to fuck you edge. Cock rings ensure you mean business and Wrist or ankle wallets keep your locker key safe.


Reviewer: Master John

I love kink. I particularly enjoy large anal plugs, expanding inflatables, deep insertions and prostate massages. I've recently branched out into estim for prostate massage and exotic programmable fucking machines. There's nothing like trying it all out on an unsuspecting sub first, male, female or transgender...

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